Session 2B: Research Project and Journal Writing Workshop

Session 6B: Meet the NHRI, MOST, TFDA

Session 4D/5D: Clinical Research Matchmaking Forum in biomedical engineering

Meet the Masters

Session 5E: Career Development Lectures

Session 8C: Industry Sessions

Session 1D: Clinical Engineering Forum (in Chinese)

Session 4A/5A: Ethics in Biomedical Engineering

Session 4C: How to get VC fund and Incubation platform support

Session 5B: Tango of the Two: Academia and Industry- Lessons Learn from Israel

Research Project and Journal Writing Workshop

1. Invite Senior Principal Investigators to share his experiences and strategies in writing research plans and assist young Principal Investigators in applying for research grants from the government or foundations.

2. Invite senior journal editors to share and discuss how to choose an appropriate topic for submission, as well as strategies and tips to increase the chances of a successful submission.


Shan-Hui Hsu
Professor and director
Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering, National Taiwan University

Speaker of Journal Writing

Kam W. Leong
Samuel Y Sheng Professor of Biomedical Engineering & Professor of Systems Biology, Columbia University
Editor in Chief of Biomaterials

Zee-Fen Chang
Professor, Institute of Molecular Medicine, School of Medicine, National Taiwan University


Through one-to-one interactions with the audience, invited speakers from the National Health Research Institutes, The Ministry of Science and Technology, and The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration will explain and assist in the understanding of various government funding policies, provide insight on the latest regulatory management as well as give a sneak-peek on the latest topics.


Chih-Kuang Yeh
Distinguished Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Sciences, National Tsing Hua University
Discipline Coordinator (Biomedical Engineering), Ministry of Science and Technology, Taipei, R.O.C(科技部工程司醫工學門召集人)

Clinical Research Matchmaking Forum in biomedical engineering

Senior members of the Medical academic and research community will discuss how to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between researchers and clinicians as well as provide learning and collaboration opportunities for new clinical researchers.


Wen-Shiang Chen
Professor, Attending Physician, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, National Taiwan University Hospital

Meet the Masters

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Senior researchers with different expertise and backgrounds will host round tables and discuss research interests as well as potential career paths with young scholars.


Savio Woo L-Y. Woo
Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Bioengineering
Director of Musculoskeletal Research Center
University of Pittsburgh

Research Areas:
  • Development of biodegradable metallic materials to assist the healing of ligaments and tendons as well as for implantable devices for orthopaedic applications.
  • Kinematics of synovial joints, including knee and shoulder, by developing a novel robotic universal force-moment sensor testing system to assess the roles of various soft tissues.
  • Functional tissue engineering approaches involving the use of extracellular matrix (ECM) bioscaffolds, i.e., ECM-SIS to improve the healing of injured ligaments and tendons.
  • Theoretical and experimental studies of the nonlinear viscoelastic and mechanical properties of biological tissues.
  • Effects of stress and motion on healing and repair of soft tissues.

  • K. Kirk Shung
    Dwight C. and Hildagarde E. Baum Chair in Biomedical Engineering and Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of Southern California

    Research Areas:
    Dr. Shung’s research interest is in ultrasonic transducers, high frequency ultrasonic imaging and ultrasound microbeams. His laboratory has developed ultrahigh frequency (UHF) single element transducers (>100 MHz), several versions of high frequency (>30 MHz) linear arrays and an imaging platform to test these arrays. He is also interested in UHF ultrasound applications in cellular bioengineering, e.g. cell trapping, stimulation and sorting.

    Zhi-Pei Liang
    Franklin W. Woeltge Professor,Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Research Areas:
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Machine learning and pattern recognition
  • Signal Processing

  • Zong-Ming Li
    Professor, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University
    Full Staff, Biomedical Engineering, Orthopedic Surgery, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio

    Research Areas:
    Dr. Li has broad research interests in musculoskeletal biomechanics, with a particular focus on the hand and upper extremity.

    Jeff Tza-Huei Wang
    Mechanical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering Depts.
    Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center
    Institute for NanoBioTechnology
    Johns Hopkins University

    Research Areas:
  • BioMEMS and Microfluids
  • Genetic and Epigenetic Biomarker for Cancer
  • Nano/Micro Scale Fabrication
  • Single Molecule Manipulation and Detection

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    Career Development Lectures

    Senior Academic and Industry Experts share tips on writing an impressive CV by explaining how to create a personal brand, the influences of their personal brands, as well as difficulties and challenges they may encounter throughout their career.


    Eric Y. Chuang
    Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University
    Deputy General Director, Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute

    Industry Sessions


    Chun-Li Lin
    Distinguished Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
    Dean of Office of Research and Development
    Director of Center of Industry-Academia Liaison
    National Yang Ming University

    Clinical Engineering Forum (in Chinese)-- Life Cycle of Medical Devices: Information and Safety

    Biomedical engineering professionals have continuously pursued the importance of medical device risk management for proper medical diagnosis and patient safety. With the development of various innovative trends such as big data analysis, AI application, and smart hospital solutions, improving risk management as well as monitoring the life cycle of medical devices have become a common goal among biomedical engineering professionals. This year, WACBE is introducing a special symposium themed "Life Cycle of Medical Devices: Information and Safety" which will be held in the form of a clinical engineering forum where students can learn and exchange from experts on how hospitals systematically supervise and implement quality management.



    Kang-Ping Lin
    Distinguished Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
    Director of Technology Translation Center for Medical Device Development Center
    Chung Yuan Christian University

    Ethics in Biomedical Engineering

    Arthur Fuk-Tat Mak
    Adjunct Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Bioengineering is fast bringing to our society ever novel technologies for medical and rehabilitation therapy. We now find ourselves with tools not only to change our world but also to potentially change ourselves fundamentally. As bioengineers, should we be more mindful of the ethical concerns we are generating with our novelties? Are the classical principles of medical ethics sufficient to guide our way forward? What additional ethical questions should we ask along with our scientific curiosity and technological innovation?


    Sarah Chan
    Professor, Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics
    College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
    The University of Edinburgh

    Research Areas:
    Sarah has a wide interest in the ethics of medical research including stem cells, embryo research and reproductive medicine. Human enhancement, gene therapy and genetic modification, along with animal ethics and research ethics, are also areas of study.

    Lecture Topic:
    (Re)-engineering Humanity? Ethical challenges at the frontiers of biomedicine.

    Joy Y. Zhang
    Associate Professor in Sociology, University of Kent
    Editorial Board, Sociology
    Human Practices Executive Committee, Igem

    Research Areas:
  • Ethical governance of stem cells, gene technology, synthetic biology
  • Risk and accountability
  • Sino-European scientific cooperation
  • Decolonizing knowledge

  • Lecture Topic:
    The Co-production of Bioethics: The Role of Bioengineers in Shaping Our Bioethical Future

    Au Kit-sing, Derrick
    Director, CUHK Centre for Bioethics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Lecture Topic:
    CRISPR babies”: Lesson for Biomedical Innovation

    Yali Cong
    Professor of Medical Ethics and Deputy Director of the Institute of Medical Humanities, Peking University Health Science Centre

    Research Areas:
  • Public health ethics
  • Construction of professional spirit of doctors

  • Lecture Topic:
    Ethical Reflection on Gene-editing Baby Case

    Daniel Fu-Chang Tsai
    Attending Physician, Department of Medical Research, National Taiwan University Hospital,
    Professor, Department & Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Bioethics National Taiwan University College of Medicine

    Research Areas:
  • Bioethics
  • Clinical ethics
  • Research ethics
  • Family medicine and community medicine

  • 如何獲得創業投資基金和孵化平台的支持
    How to get VC fund and Incubation platform support



    Cheng-Kung Cheng, Ph.D.
    Distinguished Professor, Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Biomedical Engineering and School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Beihang University

    Many innovative ideas were conducted in the research institutes through the funding grants from the government agency. Most of this kind projects need further support to connect with the industry or market demands. However, the strategy and mechanism to leverage non-government support has been rarely discussed in the academic society. This special symposium will invite one General Manager of VC company, one director of incubation company, one CEO of start-up company, and one CEO of IPO company to share their experiences and set up a round table discussion with the audience.

    Introduction by

    Mr. Paul Yin 尹集雄
    安宏資本 資深顧問
    前美商GE 醫療台灣區董事總經理
    前美商Metronic 骨外科事業群大中華區資深總監


    納通醫療集團 納通醫學科技研究院




    Tango of the Two: Academia and Industry- Lessons Learn from Israel

    Israel medical industry is well known throughout the world, especially their technological innovation keep leading the world. As a matter of fact, according to the statistics in 2015 there were 1380 life science company in Israel, and medical device which occupied 725 company is one of the most significant industry in this field. Those things truly deserves Taiwan medical device industry to learn. In this forum we invited chief scientist from Israel. Let's find it out how do they build bridges between academia and industry.